Choosing The Right Industrial Door Type

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It is quite easy when choosing the right kind of industrial steel doors when you know what you are looking for. However, there are still consumers who end up with the wrong type, even if they are already given with the right guide. Choosing the right industrial door should not be complex, as long as you know the details of what you are going to use it for. The most common steel doors used in the industry are the sectional, rolling and sheet door. As for the one that has the energy efficiency, appearance, and operational advantage, it is the sectional door. Rolling door possesses the maintenance cost and durability advantages, while the sheet door possesses the initial cost advantage.

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Unlike the that can be made out of wood and almost do not have many complexities because they are widely used for both exterior and interior doors, the steel doors are very different because mostly they are bought for security – protecting the things within from theft. The features of a sectional door are its hinged sections which are guided on the door track with the ball bearing rollers; best applied for fully vertical, standard or high lift, although it depends on the head room; the door is balanced all throughout the entire travel which is usually less than 30lbs of force required; the spring in this system is exposed. The rolling door’s operation is that the door’s curtain slides between the heavy angled iron guides which uses the end guide wearing plates; the curtains rolls into the form of a barrel right above the opening of the door;

Industrial Door Type_1The door also balances itself differing the entire door travel; when it gets out of balance it is typically adjusted according to its operator mechanism; it is designed for a force not exceeding 25lbs; the small doors are those that only use the push-up operation; and it is able to configure the large doors that are special, which of course built for special applications. Finally, the sheet doors, in which its balance is different through the entire door travel; its out of balance procedure is similar with the rolling door; it is created to hold up not exceeding 25lbs of force; the doors are lighter compared to the rolling doors, which is then available in lighter range in its manual push-up; and it has a chain hoist use of 10’x10′.


The durability quality of the three goes to the rolling door, as it has guides that are made from heavy structured steel; springs are even enclosed in hood and a barrel, in which case the hood is not visible; and the curtain has a continuous hinge with a long wear point. The sheet door has a roll-formed guides and an enclosed barrel that makes the spring lubrication quite difficult to handle. As with the sectional door, the sections itself are hinged with the individual hinges with spaces that does not exceed 48” on the center; it comes with a safety factor on its lift cables and the torsion springs power is open and can easily be lubricated.

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