Kinds of Pallet Racking System

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When you have a business, storage is one of the most important considerations to have. However, not all establishments have good storage systems. This is the reason why, the pallet racking system is very advantageous to all business persons. The pallet racking system is a storage system where you get to store your goods in racks made of skids. There are several kinds of pallet racking system to choose from, and find out which one is best for you.


The first type is the floor stacking system. This is considered to be the most common form of storage system. In this form of storage, the pallets are placed on the floors. This is common for the last in, first out system. The rows in this system depend on the accessible requirements and the depth of the floors depend on the available space. The advantages that can be seen in this system is that there is no need to invest for the equipment and most of all it has a high storage density. However, there are disadvantages as well just like the pallets cannot be accessed right away and surely it will occupy a lot of space.




The second type is the selective pallet rack system where it is considered to be the most common type of storage these days. This type of storage system uses uprights and two cross beams to make a pallet that is used for storage. The bays actually depend on how big your area is, you can have as many racks and levels as you can. There are so many advantages seen on this one. The first one is it has a low investment and it has an assurance that it has a denser storage solution. Also, you can gain all access to the storage that you have. And lastly, you can do the first in first out system or you can also have the last in first out system. You can choose.


The third type is the drive-in and drive through pallet system. This type of racking system as uprights and cross beams and they are there to support a gravity roller conveyor. The pallets in this system will surely flow naturally. There are a lot of pros seen on this one. First, it has a high storage capacity and about over twenty. However, it cannot give you access to all the pallets and when it comes to your budget, it is considered to have the highest investment.




The last type of storage system is the push back pallet rack. They are just like the flow ones but the difference is you can get things at the front system only. The best thing about it is it has a high density for storage and you can only load and unload in one area only. However, you cannot gain access to all the pallets.


In summary, if you have a ware house for your business, you can choose pallet racking as your storage system because it can surely store a lot of things. The different kind of pallet racking depends on what kind of things are you planning to store. You need to find a good pallet racking distributor  for your needs. If none of these matches to your needs, then you can try longspan shelving systems.

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