The Difference of Estate Manager to all other Household Jobs

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Thomas Sanford is a former police officer turned live-in estate manager on a 5 acre property in Beverly Hills, Calif. He is photographed on the property on Sept. 19, 2014. "Credit: Dan Krauss for The Wall Street Journal" Assignment # 34440 with Slug "ESTATE-Sanford/Los Angeles"

You might already hear about Estate Manager Position but then are you familiar about its differences from other household jobs, like Household Manager? Possibly you are thinking that they are the same but they are two different jobs. They have different tasks and qualifications. And by knowing their differences will enable you to get the qualified person for the job. This will ensure that your property or home will run smoothly whenever you are home or maybe away.

So to see the difference of estate manager and the household manager, their duties and responsibilities are enumerated below:

snimok8Estate Manager:

The Estate Manager can be compared to a President of the company since they are holding the very top position inside the household that will be implementing the management of the property. They are going to be responsible in hiring and also training the staff. They are going to oversee the ongoing personnel administration. The other duties are: financial management such as the budget, accounting and payroll. They also interact with architects, curators, attorneys, financial advisers, accountants and many others. They directly manage the maintenance of the grounds, transportation, construction projects, private collections and the contractors. They also prepare the property upon your arrival whether it is multiple or not. They can also arrange and coordinate any executive events like private dinner either large or formal gathering.

The Estate Manager is busier than others but depending on their primary job that involves supervision and management. If you need to hire Estate Manager you can go to the website

professHousehold Manager:

The Household Manager is the local version of an Estate Manager. They manage single residence, friendly, more invisible but then available. They respect confidentiality and privacy. Their other functions are: answering phones, receiving guests or visitors, keeping track of inventory and household budgets, they also oversee vendors and contractors job, they aid family and security precautions, they also plan and manage travel preparations, and help with packing, help in planning and organizing events or parties, preparing table settings, will serve meals, carry out wait services, maintain cleanliness including clothing, antiques, artwork, crystal, automobiles and others.

Some duties are similar to each other but then still they have differences. They are also the one that can hire a live in housekeeper, which you can also find on the website

Understanding the duties of the Estate Manager and Household Manager is also important because their role matters on what they should do in the estate or household. Their qualifications matter to each of the things that need to be done. So whenever you need to hire estate manager and household manager, you have now the list of their duties and responsibilities. You have now ideas on what should be the qualifications that you are looking for. The Estate Manager’s difference is that they can handle budget, or the finance of the company. They were given trust because of the integrity and honesty qualification that has been added on the qualifications needed for the Estate Manager.

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