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Having everything what you want on your wedding day is actually up to you and your partner since the decisions on the details of your wedding should not be based only on what the other person wants to have but it should be a sounding decision of the both the bride and the groom. Some grooms will just leave it to their brides or even vice versa, to decide about the details of the wedding though you should make it a point that your partner still has a final say of what you will choose. After all it is  your wedding, it is a big day for both of you, therefore the final decision should be coming from the both of you.

 dj_equipment_12Now with the details of your wedding like if you are deciding whether to get a live band or a wedding DJ, prefer a DJ because it could be a lot of fun. When you want to have just a chill out type of reception and you just want to have a DJ, then you can ask someone you know who knows how to DJ at a wedding. However, make sure that you do not get someone who would just get an iPod, sound system, a wedding playlist and then he is already a DJ. Being a wedding DJ is a lot more than that. It’s the passion for music, the right timing and the listening skills that matter so much. So if you do not know someone then it’s better to get a professional wedding DJ and you will benefit a lot from it. It will not just be a memorable night for you as newlyweds but as well as for the people who are attending your big day, and that is also an important thing.


Getting a professional DJ is always the best choice when you want to have spontaneous music playing. There are not breaks, therefore there is no awkward stopping and pausing of the music when someone needs to speak or during a special announcement. Also, a professional DJ has a wide variety of songs that he can play on your big day, which means that he can play whatever music you like and any music that the kids can relate to, as well as your uncles and aunties since he keeps a playlist that is suitable for all ages. Another thing, it was mentioned earlier that being a wedding DJ is not just being a DJ, it’s more than that because they need to get the crowd dancing to the music he plays. That’s why it’s just more than playing music at the venue. Some DJ’s are actually willing to go for extra mile when needed, like they become your MC as well, but that is optional.

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