Cleaning Tips to Remember for Your Shower Panel and Cladding

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The bathroom will surely be more easy to clean if you have installed a shower panel and cladding beforehand. After all, the shower panel is what prevents the water from the shower from spilling outside of the shower area. The shower panel is worth investing in if you are looking for a way to  help maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom.


The said panel is also a stylish option that can be chosen for the shower. You just have to take advantage of the shower panel cladding to be able to have a stylish bathroom. Of course, make sure that you clean it so that you can brag about it to others. Here are some of the tips that you can take advantage of when you want to clean the said shower panels.


First of all, you have to make sure that you are cleaning the plastic cladding for bathrooms on a regular basis. The shower wall panels are generally smooth. However, that should not make you think that you do not need to do anything just to keep the panels clean. You just have to use a mild bathroom cleaner for the shower panels. Clean on a regular basis to avoid unsightly build ups of dirt and soap scum.

There is also the option of using ammonia. This is an extremely powerful cleaning agent. Before you use it, you must dilute it to protect the panels from degradation. To do so, you need to mix one part of ammonia with two parts of water. Put it inside a spray bottle. Just spray the mixture into the shower panel and then wipe away with soft cloth.


You can use vinegar in the cleaning of the shower wall panels too. The vinegar can be diluted or you can apply it without any adulteration. Just make sure that you test it on a small patch beforehand though. You want to make sure that the vinegar does not cause any damage to the wall panels.


Using dish soap should be a good idea too. It is always a good move to use a mild dish soap when cleaning the shower panel. Start by diluting the dish soap with water and then apply it to the wall panels. After that, you have to rinse it off with water. Do not forget to wipe the panels dry.


There are things that you must avoid when cleaning. For example, you might not have cleaned the shower panels in a long while. You might be seeing some hard stains then. Never use abrasive cleaning products just to remove that stain. While the panels are really durable, the abrasive bathroom cleaners can easily ruin them. Just stick to the traditional soft cloth and sponge.


It is necessary that you regulate the atmospheric condition of the bathroom. After all, this can greatly affect the shower wall panel’s cleanliness. Start by keeping the bathroom properly ventilated so that you can avoid the growth of mildew. If there is a bathroom fan, turn it on after you have finished showering. Since mildew grows in dark places, try to keep the lights in the bathroom on for a long time.

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